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Bon Voyage to Crocheted Shorts | Gold Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured

Our Gold Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured!Gold-Prayer-Bracelet-TheFashionDiet-Feature-by-Teresa-Morone4

Hello, readers!  Here at 33knots, we have been inspired by the gorgeous Italian fashion blogster, Teresa Morone (the model in the pictures), to spend this post discussing an article of clothing that is a must-have for vacation fashion.  Summertime is the symbol of taking a nice vacation.

However, the cooler seasoned months are approaching fast and soon many people will flock to warmer parts of the world in hopes of escaping the harsh coldness for a little while.  Vacations are the perfect opportunity to branch out and try something different and your fashion style isn’t excluded!



When you’re on vacation, majority of the time, no one knows who you are.  That’s the perfect time to dabble into something different in regards to your fashion style.   So, before you pack your suitcase full of unneeded clothes – leaving no room for souvenirs – keep reading.  The must-have article of clothing is crocheted shorts!  A lot of people own denim shorts and if they don’t, well, everyone’s seen what denim shorts look like and they’re boring.  In the picture above, Teresa is wearing a fabulous example crocheted shorts.  Not only are they stylish, they’re comfortable and loose fitting.  You don’t have to worry about trying to squeeze into denim shorts, hoping they’ll stretch, because with these crocheted bottoms, they slide on with perfect ease.


Usually with crocheted shorts, they’ll come with some sort of unique pattern like seen above.  The fact that it’s a unique pattern  is a fashion accessory in itself.  What that means is everything else needs to be kept effortless and uncomplicated.  That means there’s no need for a bold top to go with the crocheted shorts, merely find a plain top that will compliment the shorts.  Accessories should be few to none.  As you can see, Teresa has her gold prayer rope bracelet that positively meshes with the soft gold’s in seen in the shorts.  Even her owl ring and neutral color pocketbook does not distract from the focal point of her wardrobe – the crocheted shorts.


One of the amazing things about these types of shorts is that you can dress them up or down.  Everyone needs a few articles of clothing that are versatile in their closet.  Teresa is wearing elegant heels with a delicate bow at the toes.  It’s apparent that she has dressed her crocheted shorts up for lunch at a fancy restaurant or for the hottest outside club.  If you want to dress these shorts down, simply slip into a pair of sandals and swap out the pocketbook for a leather saddlebag purse.  Oh!  Don’t forget the oversized sunglasses!


If you’re interested in a pair of crocheted shorts, they’re everywhere.  You can check your local department stores or simply look online for unique – one of a kind – crocheted shorts.  While you’re at it, go out and support an up and coming fashion designer and buy their crocheted shorts!  No matter where you buy them from, they are a must-have for vacation fashion during summer – and or – for warmer parts of the world you may be visiting no matter what season you’re trying to escape!


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