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Welcome to the official 33Knots brand website. 33Knots offers a selection of handmade Orthodox Christian bracelets and Orthodox Christian necklaces.

The most popular product in our 33knots bracelets collection is the prayer rope bracelet also known as Komboskini, Chotki, or Brojanica. These 33knots bracelets and necklaces are pretty special. The story behind them is powerful and inspiring. Got you interested? Here is the short version.

The prayer rope was invented by Saint Anthony The Great. The design and the special knot consisting of 7 interlocking crosses were revealed to him by Archangel Gabriel in a vision. At that time St. Anthony was having trouble praying because he was tormented by the Devil. To make a long story short, St. Anthony used the prayer rope made out of the special knots to vanquish the Devil. For the full story click here.

And now almost 2000 years later the 33Knots prayer rope bracelets and prayer rope necklaces are still made using this special knot. To make the symbolism complete these bracelets always have 33 knots, which signify the 33 years of Jesus Christ. Don’t you just love that?

We source our traditional prayer rope bracelets and necklaces from several Orthodox Churches located in several countries.

We also offer nontraditional Orthodox bracelets and necklaces. These bracelets are exclusive and only available through our 33Knots website. Our design team created these items with tradition in mind. You will find 33Knots bracelets made out of genuine semi-precious stone beads and Swarovski Crystal Elements beads. We also offer wooden orthodox bracelets and necklaces. They are part of our beaded prayer bracelets collection.

Still not sure if these special items are for you? Don’t worry. Next to a no-questions-asked 90-day money-back guarantee we pride ourselves on offering the best possible service to our customers. That said we are also prominently available on Facebook and chat to answer all your questions.

Our products are available worldwide, you can check the delivery times per zone on the shipping page. Next to an online store this website also features a blog feel free to take a look we cover a lot of fun topics.

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