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Black Komboskini Feature

Summer is dwindling down as we near the end of September.  Summer lovers are saying their goodbyes to the swimwear and flip flops.  They’re kissing their frilly floral tank tops one last time before they swap them out for burly jackets and knit sweaters.  This is the usual process of summer ending, but if you live in an area where summer is year round, well, some just might call you fortunate.  However, just because summer is your season for three-hundred and sixty-five days, it doesn’t mean you can slack on the fashion trends of autumn and winter!

Black 33knots bracelet featured on SeamsForADesire

Darker colors signify cooler seasons.  So don’t expect to whip out those neon colored shorts and believe you’re on the right track to being fashionable.  Trade those spunky neon colors for cool toned colors like navy blue, red, grey, chocolate and khaki.  Just to name a few.  If you look to the pictures above, the stunning model and blogger (Jessie Chanes) from the website: seamsforadesire.com  is wearing clothes for warm weather, but the colors show us that it’s geared toward autumn and winter.

The color coordination of black and white is exemplary.  It is a timeless color duo that can be used for casual or formal wear, but continuously looks amazing on the runways for cooler weather attire.  Black and white isn’t for everyone, so don’t think it’s the end of fashion for you!  Merely take Jessie’s outfit as a “how to”.  You can never go wrong with a dark colored short or skirt and match it with a softer colored top.

Feature SeamsForADesire Black Komboskini Bracelet

There’s nothing wrong with a little splash of color, but don’t overdue it.  As you can see in the picture above, Jessie is wearing a splash of color in two of the bracelets, yet balances it out with a black komboskini bracelet.  The bracelet coordinates well with the black bottoms and black handbag.  However, it could be a red komboskini bracelet as the splash of color and the two other be black.   It’s up to you as to how you want to color coordinate your accessories, just make sure it is a splash of color and not a sea of color.

Black Prayer Rope Bracelet Feature

The reason why it’s suggested that there be a splash of color in the accessories is because you want the color of the shoes to POP!  The Jessie’s shoes are just the perfect shade of color to draw your eye but not take away or ruin the outfit.  She stuck with an autumn and winter color for the shoes, yet with black and white, you can never go wrong with red!  If you’re straying from black and white outfits but need a little bit of guidance in the color coordination department for your autumn/winter attire, simply go online and study a color wheel chart.  From there you can pull together an eye catching outfit with types of clothing for summer (shorts, skirts and tank tops), but still strut around fashionably in season with cooler colors.

Black Chotki Bracelet Feature Seams for A Desire

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