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Silver prayer rope bracelet

The Neutrals | Silver Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured

Silver Prayer Bracelet 33Knots

The Silver Prayer Rope Bracelet

Every fashion enthusiast longs to have a closet complete with compatible clothing to create the best wardrobe possible.  If you’re on a budget, it’s vital that you have articles of clothing that can create more than one outfit.   And if you don’t have a personal shopper on your payroll, knowing what to buy and how to buy can make achieving that desired closet almost impossible.  But before you shred your wardrobe to start your desired closet over, don’t give up!  Here at 33knots we’re bringing you an exclusive photo shoot/fashion guide by the talented photographer, Brian Dexter.  It’s our gift to you!

Silver 33knots Bracelet

Stock Up on Neutral Colors:  Creating an amazing wardrobe is no different than designing a room.  You have to take your time and try this with that and ultimately throw your own flair into the mix.  What is recommended is to get to know neutral colors and learn to appreciate them.  Neutral colors are what balances out an outfit – nonetheless – compliments it.  The commonly used neutral colors are: black, brown, nude, tan and white.   As you can see in the pictures above, the model is wearing shorts that are frayed on the top and bottom.  These types of shorts are trending right now, so make sure you pick up a pair!

Silver Komboskini Bracelet

Example of Neutral Colors:   It’s important to have neutral colors in your closet because one simple color can change your wardrobe from daywear to nightwear.  Take a look at the white frayed shorts the model is wearing.  It’s a beautiful color that compliments the soft polyester coral orange top.  Take the two colors in, it makes a perfect daywear outfit for a nice stroll in the summer sun.  But what happens when the sun goes down and the model wants to have a night out on the town?  Well, all she’ll have to do is swap out the white shorts for a pair of black shorts.  With just that one simple color change her outfit has turned into nightwear.  And the black shorts will definitely make the buttons on the models blouse POP!  This is just one of the many examples of why it is important to have neutral colors in your closet.

Silver Prayer Rope Bracelet

Neutral Top or Bottom:  Believe it or not, there isn’t a guideline if you should neutral on the top or the bottom.  All that is important is that you have neutral colors in your closet and you know how to utilize them.  If the model was to wear a soft coral orange frayed shorts and a white blouse, it’ll still look stunning.  The only difference is that the shorts will be the focal point of the outfit instead of the blouse.  So if you see a blood red top that you have to have, the neutral color (black, tan or white) will be on the bottoms.  Or, if you have found a bold colored dress, the shoes will be the neutral color.  Last but not least, you can add neutral color accessories like the silver prayer r0pe bracelet shown above on the models right wrist.  It doesn’t take away or clash with the focal point of the outfit but compliments it.

Silver Prayer Bracelet

By following these simple rules/steps to introducing neutrals into your wardrobe, you’ll be on your way to having the closet filled with compatible clothes just like you have longed for!

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