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Skinny Jean Craze | Lila Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured

Purple Prayer Bracelet GlossyWardrobe Feature 2_2aug2012

Our Lila Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured!

Here at 33Knots, we’re always looking for features of our prayer bracelets and prayer necklaces.  It’s not only appreciated advertisement; it also helps spread the story of how our products came to be.  Recently, We so happened to be delivered a feature on one of our items on Glossy Wardrobe – a fashion blog.  Big thanks to Talita, an avid blogster, for featuring our lavender prayer bracelet pictured above.  But let’s talk fashion, shall we?

Purple Prayer Rope Glossy Wardrobe Feature

Skinny jeans have been a real craze over the past years and let’s face it . . . skinny jeans aren’t going anywhere.  There’s so much you can do with skinny jeans.  Dress them up.  Dress them down.  This type of jean is extremely versatile.  The featured model in the above pictures is sporting a casual, laid back look.  A look you might throw on to run errands or across town, or meeting up for an early breakfast with a friend.  But, it’s still extremely fashionable.

GlossyWardrobe Feature 2_3aug2012

However, if you wanted to dress these jeans – say oh – for a night out on the town, this is what you have to do.  Find a dressy top. If you don’t have one or have any you want to wear, ask a friend if you can rummage through their closet.  If that fails, go to boutiques or department stores, they always have reasonable priced sales.   A dressy top, it’s the essential key to dress skinny jeans up.  Once you’ve found that top, then it’s to the shoes.  Now, you can either slip on chic pair of flats or leap into a stylish pair of heels to your liking.  It’s whatever you’re comfortable with.

Believe it or not, accessories can complete or utterly ruin an outfit.  That’s why you must choose wisely.  For the laid back look like the model is wearing, the goal is to keep it simple.  A small amount of wrist wear will do or even a long necklace.  It can coordinate with the purse like shown in the picture above.  If you’re dressing up, don’t be afraid to wear accessories that are slightly flashy.  You can wear earrings and a bracelet or a necklace and a bracelet, or a cocktail ring with earrings – you get the point.  If you’re not sure what accessory to wear, just try on pieces until you find the right combination for you.  On a parting note, remember, less is more!

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