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Black prayer rope bracelet

Say Hello to Camouflage | Black Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured

The Black Prayer Bracelet Featured!

Black prayer rope in mistylobycris feature Army 2

I don’t know about you readers, but I love  clothing with patterns, especially these camouflage pants.  It’s definitely taking a risk in regards to fashion but if its done right, well, it’ll be an eye-catching outfit.  Today we don’t want to blend into the mundane fashion existence, no!  We want to stand out and be noticed!

One way to be noticed is to rock camouflage patterns like no one has ever rocked them before.  Do not think you cannot pull of camouflage pants/bottoms, because you can!  How to do it is actually very simple and not as complicated as everyone seems to make it.  So keep reading and learn a thing or two.

Chris from Mi Stilo By Chris shows us camouflage pants.  Camouflage has become a very popular pattern in fashion and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  The reason why is because it’s an intense focal point for an outfit that can be pieced together with neutral colors.  It takes little to no effort at all.  The model’s camouflage pants are slim/skinny fit that give the whole outfit a chic vibe to it.  When buying a pair of camouflage pants, make sure they fit appropriately.   They shouldn’t be too tight in the calve, thigh and waist area (see model for example).  If the pant does not fit your size, it will look unpleasant because, remember, the pattern pant is going to be the focal point of the outfit and that’s where the eyes will draw to first.

Black prayer rope in mistylobycris feature Army 3

Like mentioned before, the camouflage pant will be the focal point of outfit.  So, the shirt, shoes and accessories must revolve around the camouflage pattern.  When dealing with camouflage black is the safest route to take.  Why?  Well, because black pretty much goes with everything and you can never have too much black in an outfit.  If you take a second to look at the model, she’s wearing a black shirt (possibly tank top) under a black pleather jacket.  The pleather jacket is perfect if you want to emanate a certain type of street/modern military ensemble during cooler seasons.  However, if it was warmer seasons, the black tank top will do just fine.  As well, the model is wearing black leather ankle boots that go well with the skinny/chic style of the camouflage pant.

Black prayer rope in mistylobycris feature Army 4

Last but not least, you may be asking what about accessorizing with jewelry?  And, that’s a personal call.  My preference is to keep the accessories to a minimum to none.  My reasoning is because the camouflage pattern already acts as an accessorizing, so if you add too much jewelry, it may throw the entire outfit off.  Like I said though, it’s your call. Chris definitely took the risk by wearing more than one wrist accessory.  You can see the gold watch, the black prayer rope bracelet and a few other bracelets. But for this outfit it really works.  If you’re not sure if you want to accessorize with jewelry, take a few moments to try a few things on and see what you like with your camouflage outfit.  You may or may not like wearing accessories with it.

Black komboskini bracelet in mistylobycris feature Army 1

Black chotki bracelet in mistylobycris feature Army 5

The Black Prayer Bracelet is Available in our Store!

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