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Autumn is approaching fast – right around the corner actually – and this time it’s not all about skinny jeans, knee high boots and long sweaters!  Save that for winter!  This autumn it’s about embarking on a new trend that infuses pretty much every season into one.  Sounds messy, but remember there are no rules in fashion, you – the people – create it.  And just for you, 33knots has done an exclusive photo shoot with the wonderful and talented photographer, Brian Dexter, to deliver a small fashion guide.  Take a look; we here at 33knots know you will not be disappointed but nothing less of inspired.

Black Knotted Rosary

Before you snatch your car keys and head to the nearest clothing store, take a deep breath and slowly exhale, because what comes next will shock you.  For this trend, you do not need to rush off purchasing new clothes; simply walk to your closest and all the essentials will be there.  We promise.  Pretty neat, huh?  The first thing we’ll start with is an article of clothing (particularly a dress) that you will piece or center your outfit around.  This piece of clothing can be a particular pattern or vibrant color, anything that catches the eye. The model in the pictures above, her outfit centers on that lovely floral dress that is mainly seen worn during spring and summer.  However, since we’re making a bold fashion movement, we’re bringing it being worn during autumn, too!

100 Knot Black Prayer Rope

The beginning of autumn is slightly chilly but as you progress further into that season it’ll get chillier. The model as you can see in the pictures is wearing a black, light weight bomber jacket.  This is essential because darker colors signify the cooler seasons and this jacket helps to fashionable tie in the warmer seasoned dress.  If bomber jackets aren’t particularly your style, you can throw on a cardigan sweater.  Just make sure the cardigan is a dark color.  Stray from lighter colors that signify warmer seasons.  Remember, since we’re fusing fashion from warm and cool seasons, it’s a must to appropriately tie in the outfit to the current season, which in this case is autumn.  As for shoes, don’t be so quick to toss on knee high boots just yet!  Try a dark colored pump (like seen in the first picture) or a dark suede ankle boot – with or without – a modest heel.

100 Knot Prayer Rope

100Knot Black Komboskini Necklace

Instead of wrapping the model in a scarf – like we would recommend for autumn fashion – she specifically requested to keep the outfit simple.  She suggested she be photographed with her black knotted rosary, accompanied with her black prayer rope bracelet.  She takes her rosary and prayer rope bracelet wherever she goes, so whenever there is the prompting to pray, she has them to guide her with the power and blessings purified into them by the Orthodox Church.  However, the idea is to keep the outfit simple.  You do not want too much going on, but wearing a scarf won’t overdue it and not wearing a scarf won’t hurt the outfit either.  Just make sure that if you do decide to wear a scarf, it matches the color of your chosen shoes or coordinates well with the focus piece of your outfit.  Then, Voilà!  You have yourself a trendsetting outfit for autumn!

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