Lets Go to The Beach | Pink and Yellow Prayer Rope Bracelets

Dale Janee of SavvySpice Features Prayer Bracelets

Our yellow prayer rope bracelet got featured!

I recently took a day trip to Laguna Beach to do some light shopping.  If you haven’t been to Laguna Beach before, you should in the near future.  You won’t regret it.  One thing about SoCal natives is that they love their shorts, all year round to be exact.  They have some of the best shorts on display in small boutiques and on beachgoers who come to Laguna to bask in the sun.  If you’re looking for the right pair of shorts, even if it’s just for the summertime, don’t be afraid to strike out and do something entirely different.

Yellow and Pink Prayer Bracelet

Pink prayer bracelet

I recommend you go BOLD when it comes to choosing your shorts.  Think bright colors or floral prints.  Also, stray away from the mundane denim jeans that are readily available on display in boutiques and department stores.  Spice your wardrobe up!  In the pictures above this text, Dale Janeé l is wearing jade colored shorts.  Since they’re an eye catching/popping color, the rest of the outfit (shirt & shoes) can be a soft color that compliments the jade.  The vibrant pink and yellow prayer rope bracelets add just enough splash of color to tie in the rest of the outfit, not making it too bland.


The national symbols of summertime are shorts and flip flops.  Why not take a different route and dress shorts up?  Instead of a tube top, the model swapped it for a Ralph Lauren collared shirt, cuffed the sleeves and tied a modest knot in the front.  She ditched the flip flops and slipped into a pair of wedges by Mango, accentuating her legs and the length of the shorts.  In my opinion, you can never go wrong by dressing shorts up, rather than down, no matter where you’re going.  Always better to be overdressed than under dressed.

Accessorizing can never hurt, but if you overdue it, it can ruin an outfit.  Since the jade color shorts are the center focus, the model kept the accessories to a minimum.  She chose to wear earrings that match the shorts and a large chained silver necklace that peeks out only in the opening of the shirt – keeping it subtle.  A purse is a must have and not wanting to distract from the shorts, the model settled on a neutral color.  In the end, it’s what you’re comfortable with.  Take your time trying on this or that to get the right combination for you!

Feature by: SavvySpice.com by Dale Janeé (click on the link for the full post)

The yellow prayer rope bracelet is available in our store!

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