End of Summer Beach Trip | Light Blue Prayer Rope Bracelet

Alexandra Rose Beach light blue prayer bracelet 1

Our light blue prayer rope bracelet got featured!

It’s the end of the summer and I was beginning to feel like I had missed my opportunity to spend some serious time in the sun. Specifically, the beach. It just so happened that last week a few friends of mine were heading to the beach for the day and I took that opportunity to say goodbye to summer and catch a few last summer rays in the sand and by the water.

Alexandra Rose Beach light blue 33knots bracelet

I love the beach! And I’ve always enjoyed the “beach style.” It’s very casual and flowy with just a touch of colorful accents and sparkle. Well…that’s my beach style anyway. So I put on my bikini and topped it with my favorite summer dress from Target and accessorized appropriately. I love days when you can put on a bikini and toss something on top. It just makes the whole day shine! I am also a big fan of dresses with pockets like this one has. Its colorful, feminine butterfly print was enough to make me fall in love but when I discovered it had pockets…I was sold! Just between you and me, I’ve actually been known to buy a dress solely because it has pockets.

Alexandra Rose Beach light blue prayer bracelet

I decided to go light on the accessories since almost all of them would have to come off before heading for the ocean. Forgoing necklaces and earrings, I went straight for my bracelets. My go to accessories for sprucing up just about any outfit. The Black and light blue prayer rope bracelets by 33Knots were a wonderful addition to the outfit. They are comfortable to wear on the beach, accented my dress perfectly, and added just a touch of color to the look to stand out. And since the beach has always been a place of great serenity and peace for me, the bracelets were perfect. They helped me remember that I am in touch with this beautiful world that we live in.

light blue Komboskini bracelet

Alexandra Rose Beach light blue prayer rope

light blue chotki

light blue prayer rope bracelet

And always remember: when you dress good, you feel good.


  • Dress: Target
  • Sandals: Target
  • Sunglasses: New York & Company
  • Blue and Black Prayer Rope Bracelets: 33knots
  • Bikini Top: Target
  • Bikini Bottom: Walmart
  • Other Bangles and Bracelets: Handmade and Gifts

The light blue prayer rope bracelet is available in our store!

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