Red Prayer Rope Bracelet

Arcades Aren’t Just For Kids | Red Prayer Rope Bracelet Feature

Red Prayer Bracelet Alexandra Rose Feature

Red Prayer Rope Bracelet in the Arcade

I love Video Games. I always have. And today was a perfect day to hit the arcade and revisit my childhood for a while. I have always believed that video games aren’t just for kids, however, I did want to relive my younger days via my outfit. So I looked into my closet to see what I could find.
I found a pair of jeans that were custom ripped by a friend of mine. They gave me the feeling of being a kid again so I structured the rest of my look around the jeans. I added a basic black tank top (something everyone should have in their wardrobe), and then topped it off with a youthful and fun floral lace crop top. The shoes were a no brainer. I wore my Converse Chuck Taylor’s since that was pretty much the only kind of shoes I wore when I was younger. Plus they were comfortable for running around the arcade in.

Red 33Knots Bracelet Alexandra Rose Feature

I have a tendency to go a little nuts with the accessories sometimes but for the purposes of this trip, I kept it simple. Asymmetrical earrings with feathers and leather strips gave the outfit a fun edge. I added a red 33knots prayer bracelet and another set of red beaded bracelets to accent the floral pattern in my shirt. And I put on one of my favorite cuffs. A silver feather cuff that was a gift from a friend. This all worked out rather well since all of it was comfortable, making it appropriate for the atmosphere I was in. It also updated the outfit just enough so I didn’t look like I was ACTUALLY in an outfit from my youth.

Red Komboskini Bracelet Alexandra Rose Feature

So I grabbed some arcade tokens and off I went for some adventure. I played all kinds of games! It was really a freeing experience. I felt even more open and at ease with my youthful side because of my awesome 33knots prayer bracelet. I have to wonder if it helped when I was “battling” evildoers inside the games. I had more fun than I have had in a long time. Sometimes it’s nice to reach back to your roots, let go, and have a little silly fun. And always remember: when you dress good, you feel good; and when you feel good,  you shine from the inside out!

Red Prayer Rope Bracelet Alexandra Rose Feature

Red Prayer Bracelet Feature

Red Chotki Bracelet Feature

Red 33Knots Bracelet Feature

Red Prayer Bracelet

The Outfit:

  • Lace Top: Forever 21 purchases at Hut #8
  • Black Tank Top: Kohl’s
  • Jeans: Aeropostale customized by a friend
  • Shoes: Converse
  • Red Beaded Bracelets: Claire’s
  • Red Prayer Rope Bracelet: 33knots
  • Silver Feather Cuff: Gift from a friend
  • Feather Earrings: Glitter

You can get the red prayer rope bracelet in our store!


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