The Komboskini

A Komboskini… Say what?

A couple of years ago the word komboskini was not really known to people, not from Greek origin. But lately, that has changed. Now we get lots of people asking for komboskini bracelets and necklaces. A komboskini is basically an Orthodox prayer rope, just like a prayer bracelet it’s just another term people use to describe it.

The popularity came mostly from the media, these bracelets and necklaces have started to appear on tv, in magazines, in movies, and of course on the internet. But not by itself, it was celebrities and Orthodox athletes who jump-started the rise to fame for the komboskini’s.  The good thing though is that the vast majority of the celebs wearing these items are wearing it for religious reasons or because they just fell in love with the history that comes with these bracelets. More information on the history can be found on the prayer bracelet page.

Let’s face it these bracelets and necklaces also have a cool factor adding to their popularity, everybody loves to wear something that has a rich history and packs a great story to tell their friends and acquaintances. It is just this little difference that makes it Ok to wear a komboskini even if you are not religious. The most important thing with a religious item is to know its story and meaning before you start wearing it blatantly. If you hold yourself to this rule you will be surprised by the positive reactions you will get from people.

Needless to say that it is important for us to stay with tradition and be faithful to the heritage of these holy items. We offer them in a wide variety of refreshing colors and versions, all our Komboskini’s are handmade and blessed by the Church. So feel free to go through our store and if you have any questions you can use the contact form to get in touch with us. If you prefer social media, we are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Komboskini also named Komposkinia

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