Sunshine In The Rosegarden! | Light Orange Prayer Rope Bracelet

Light Orange 33knots Bracelet Feature Alexandra Rose 6

Our light orange prayer rope bracelet featured!

Summer is here! And with it comes that lovely sunny weather and some beautiful flowers at the local public Rose Garden. Since I was surrounded by lots of vibrant color and the wonder of nature, I wanted to match in a fun and flirty outfit with pops of color found in my surrounding environment.

My favorite color combo for this season is orange and pink. Too much can be a bit overbearing but when utilized properly (with accessories and clothing prints) the combination can be very striking! So I chose a flowy and flirty floral print skirt with pops of pink and orange and pulled it together with a close fitting neutral colored tube top. It creates the illusion of being a dress when the skirt is worn high waist. To that I added pink and orange cord bracelets and a cream colored, sleeveless over shirt with some studded detail at the collar. I finished off this look with super tall wedges and a fun stripped summer hat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern combinations. Sometimes the outcome is unexpectedly perfect.

Layers are always your best friend on a hot summer day because then you have options. Since most places are pumping the air conditioning at full capacity right now, I usually pair all of my summer outfits with a light over shirt. This way I don’t get cold if I decide to do a little impromptu shopping. Layering can also helps an outfit go from something “work appropriate” to something more “after work chic” with the mere addition or subtraction of an article of clothing.

I’m also a big fan of accessorizing an outfit properly. What you put around your outfit can often times be just as important as what you wear. The light orange prayer rope bracelet from 33Knots really picked up the peach and orange tones in my floral skirt and tied the whole outfit together. And since the bracelet is blessed, I felt it was the perfect accessory for the surrounding environment as well. Accessories can take a look from ordinary to outstanding with very little extra work.

I really loved this cute little outfit. It was exactly the look I was going for with an easy and flowy feel to match my easy and flowy mood. Perfect for stopping to smell the flowers. And always remember: when you dress good, you feel good; and when you feel good, you shine from the inside out!

Light orange prayer rope bracelet is available in our store.

Alexandra Rose Orange Prayer Bracelet Feature

Alexandra Rose Orange 33Knots Bracelet Feature

Alexandra Rose Feature Orange Komboskini Bracelet

Alexandra Rose Orange Chotki Bracelet feature

Alexandra Rose Orange Prayer Rope Bracelet feature

Alexandra Rose Orange Brojanica Feature


Hat: Walmart
Over Shirt: Kohl’s
Tube Top: Ross
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Bakers
Light Orange Bracelet: 33knots
Pink Bracelet: Glitter

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