Cris And Crosses | White Prayer Bracelet Feature

White Prayer Bracelet MiStiloByChris

Our white prayer rope bracelet featured!

We do like our features, here a fashionable ensemble by Chris. Chris was so kind to feature our white prayer rope bracelet in one of her outfit posts on her Spanish fashion blog called Mi Stylo By Chris.

Wearing a white sweater bearing a big cross (You probably noticed those popping up in several Fashion magazines). Sweater is by Primark. This combined with black tight leather look pants from H & M and white Converse sneakers makes a pretty fashionable look. Its a combo of pop rock and street fashion if you ask me. Edgy yet casual.

Closeup MiStyloByChris

And what do we have here, yes its our white prayer rope bracelet combined with a fork bracelet and a shiny watch..  And on the other hand a black and silver bracelet with kinda a studded look. And we definitely won’t forget to mention that awesome cross ring by Asos.

Hey… did you forget about the bag??     Nope we haven’t we left that for last, choosing the right accessories for your outfit is of course crucial, and this leather studded bag by Pull and Bear really is the icing on the topping. Finishing this cool yet edgy look.

By the way the other bracelets are by Link and Love and Sfera.

Enjoy the rest of the photo set:

White prayer bracelet feature

Ohh what I did forget to mention is those awesome shades… a classic model.  Sonny Crocket would have been proud…. (for you out there that haven’t watched Miami Vice, Sonny is the main character played by Don Johnson). Back in the day, everybody wanted those shades… because of that Hit TV show, and now almost 20 years later their still in. A true timeless classic by Ray Ban.

MiStyloByChris 33Knots Feature


Be sure to check out the feature on the Mi Stylo By Chris Fashion Blog

The white prayer rope bracelet is available in our store

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