White Prayer Rope Bracelet

Cris And Crosses | White Prayer Bracelet Feature

Our white prayer rope bracelet featured! We do like our features, here a fashionable ensemble by Chris. Chris was so kind to feature our white prayer rope bracelet in one of her outfit posts on her Spanish fashion blog called Mi Stylo By Chris. Wearing a white sweater bearing a big cross (You probably noticed […]

lila prayer rope bracelet

Leopard Print Dress and Lila Prayer Rope Bracelet

Our lila prayer rope bracelet got featured! How about this for a stylish feature. Our 33Knots lila prayer rope bracelet combined with a purple Prada bag , purple nail polish and a dazzling outfit to match. Even the flowers match in this outfit post, its truly time for purple! Talita treats us with a great […]

Neon orange prayer rope bracelet

Back to Teens with Pink and Neon Orange Prayer Rope Bracelets

Our Pink and Neon Orange Prayer Rope Bracelet Featured Doesn’t everyone wan’t to be catapulted back to their teen years. I know I would! Dale Janée from in this great outfit post shows us that dressing like a teenager is easy. It’s stylish its cool its marvelous. Pink shorts combined with a blue T-shirt, […]

Black prayer rope bracelet

Jetset Elegance with White and Black Prayer Rope Bracelets

Our black prayer rope bracelet featured! It seems we are tele-ported to Saint Tropez or is it Monaco? Jessie Chanes from famous Spanish fashion blog Seams for a Desire featuring our 33Knots bracelets and is giving us a glamorous extravaganza. I strongly get the idea she just walked of a 20 million dollar yacht with […]

Prayer Bracelet

The New 33Knots Blog

First let me start by saying we are happy to be at this point and are pretty excited to kickoff this new 33Knots blog. This blog is going to be about Fashion Accessories, Spiritualism and giving back in life. Why giving back? Well that is the nature of our company and is also one of […]

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