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The White Knotted Rosary Featured

33Knots white knotted rosary without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 1

It was such a beautiful day today that I decided to take advantage of the outdoors again and visit a local park that features a beautiful duck pond. I found a soft and comfortable dress, added some cute accessories and off I went! I guess I’ve always been the kind of girl that doesn’t think you have to look frumpy to play outside. By opting for the cute AND comfortable you can add a bit of whimsy and style to your outdoor excursions.

This is one of my go to dresses for the summer time due to it’s soft jersey material and it’s completely comfortable nature. The print is a beautiful white and blue stripe in an almost nautical style. I played on the semi nautical theme of the dress and added accessories to match. Blue sparkly bracelets and fun shiny earrings add a little needed style to the outfit. I threw on my favorite pair of super tall white wedge sandals and a completely glittered headband to finish off this adorable look.

The only thing I found lacking was some shape in the waistline of the dress. This sometimes is a problem with extremely soft and comfortable dresses…they have very little form. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a belt that would work with the look I was trying to pull off, so I turned to my accessories for help. Low and behold I found a very special piece that I used in a new way. The 33knots white knotted rosary necklace that is usually used for prayer was indeed the answer to my prayers as I converted it into a new accessory for my own style purposes. It worked out very well and gave just the right amount of shape around my middle as a drop waist mock-belt.

I felt breezy and free in my outfit in the park so I indulged my child like nature and played with some bubbles and a colorful pinwheel. It is the little things that can make you happy and remind you that you are still connected to your child like self. I feel lucky to have never lost my youthful since of fun and adventure both in life and in my own personal style. And always remember: when you dress good, you feel good; and when you feel good,  you shine from the inside out!

33Knots white knotted rosary without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 2
33Knots white prayer necklace without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 3
33Knots white prayer rope necklace without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 4
33Knots white komboskini necklace without woven Cross
33Knots white chotki without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 6
33Knots white knotted rosary without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 7
33Knots white knotted rosary without woven Cross Alexandra Rose 8

The 33knots white knotted rosary just beautiful!

The outfit:
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Bakers
Necklace worn as a belt: 33knots
Bracelets: Glitter
Headband: Claire’s
Sunglasses: New York & Company
Earrings: a gift from a friend

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  1. You look marvelous! I also enjoyed reading your descriptions. I wish you much success! Cindy Crawford has nothing on you………….you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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