A Fashionable Lunch Date | Pink Prayer Rope Bracelet

Dark Pink Prayer Bracelet featured by Alexandra Rose1

Our pink prayer rope bracelet got featured!

The weather here has still been off and on rainy. So when I decided to go out for a lunch date at my favorite Mexican restaurant, I needed to find an outfit that would work in case it suddenly started raining like crazy and also that was comfortable during these hot days. However, sacrificing fashion for function has never been something I do very well. So I took to my closet to see what I could find.

I am a fan of wearing leggings as pants as long as they are not sheer and your shirt is long enough so it doesn‘t look awkward, so I grabbed my favorite pair of black stretch leggings from Wet Seal. I paired it with a white burnout tank from H&M. I love the look of this top because its long enough to work with the leggings while being weather appropriate and totally cute. I grabbed a blue felt fedora to top off the outfit and my fold over boots and “TA DA” weather appropriate for all eventualities. I did grab a light weight zip up hoodie to take with me in case of severe rain (not pictured).

The only thing missing from the outfit was a little style via some accessories. I put on my crystal necklace for a little interest around the neck line and then turned my attention to my bracelet collection. (I do love my bracelets!) I thought the 33knots pink prayer rope bracelet was perfect both for its color and because I thought it might help while I was praying for the rain to stay away. I also put on a really cool silver feather cuff bracelet that a friend gave to me for my birthday. And finally a beaded wrap around bracelet that I made myself with some pops of blue and purple.

The calm colors of the outfit work really well with the splash of color delivered from my accessories. From the hat to the bracelets to my bralette straps, little spots of color can be found to offset the monochrome nature of this outfit. Don’t be afraid to make your own accessories when nothing else can be found with the right colors. Go to your local craft store and ask for some assistance with materials for jewelry making and then just start playing! It’s easier than you would think. Check out the thousands of DIY and tutorial posts on the internet for some inspiration and direction. And always remember: when you dress good, you feel good; and when you feel good,  you shine from the inside out!

Dark Pink 33Knots Bracelet featured by Alexandra Rose2


Dark Pink Prayer Bracelet

Dark Pink Prayer Rope Bracelet

Dark Pink Komboskini Bracelet

Prayer Rope Bracelet

Dark Pink Chotki Bracelet

The Outfit:

Hat: Forever 21
Burnout Tank: H&M
Bralette: Charlotte Russe
Leggings: Wet Seal
Boots: Target
Pink Prayer Rope Bracelet: 33knots
Feather Bracelet: Gift
Beaded Bracelet: Made by me
Crystal Necklace: Light Years

The pink prayer rope bracelet is available in our store!

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